Thursday, 3 April 2014

Warning: May Condone Nuts

Let's make some assumptions:

  1. You have some vague idea of who I am.
  2. You're interested in what I do.
With that in mind, here's what I've been doing recently:

Tommy Rayburn and I have been working on the finalised look of 'hood, my urban crime hack for Apocalypse World; this started a few years ago, when I was mulling over the idea of a game about small time chancers trying to make it big without going to jail. This went through several iterations, using a variety of novel systems (one of which was very like a board game) before it hit me that an AW hack might provide a ready-made framework that my own game could be built on. Since then, there's been a lot of writing, crossing out and re-writing, as various takes on the rules have bubbled together in the pot, until today when it's a genuinely playable game that deals with the harsh realities of working under the law's notice without shying away from the consequences. I'm hoping to get together a group for some further play, as having designed the game, i'd really like to try it out some more than I have! As soon as the book is ready, I'll be letting you know how you can get your own copy, either in printed form or as an e-book, which will be supported by downloadable playbooks and other materials for the game.

I'm also assembling a book-version of blood & water, my unofficial Being Human storygame: this has been my go-to game for convention play since 2012 and it's never delivered a duff session yet. Preparing the book has meant more than just tidying up the rules I'd written up for myself to use, I've also added more examples, more guidance about running the game and a deeper discussion about the various supernatural types you can play. The last things to be done are to clarify the reskinning options given in the appendices and make a convention pack that features a ready-made setting and characters that will serve as a detailed example of what can be done but which can also be used as a quick-play set to get the game going in a hurry.

Just Heroes has also been taking up a chunk of my writing time: this is my other major AW hack, which is all about superhuman beings and what they do with their powers. I've vacillated considerably on this hack too, going from a double-playbook format (pick two and combine them) to a single playbook format and back to double again. I feel more confident about the latest version, which splits the requirements of an AW playbook but also adds new elements that better support the game premise; there's still a considerable amount of writing to be done though and I haven't even thought about the layout for publication yet, so don't look for this anytime soon.

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